Real Ways to Earn Money Online: Why a 70% Failure Rate?

That’s a frightening statistic, isn’t it? I mean, you work and invest your money for months on end, and you only have a 30% chance of making ANYTHING?Actually, there are good reasons for this, which is my reason for outlining a “making money online review”.First of all, the average personal actually isn’t even interested in “real ways to earn money online”…Why?Well, I heard an interesting quote today…”The second half of a man’s life is made up of nothing but the habits he has acquired during the first half.” – Feodor Dostoevski: Russian novelist, short story writer, essayist, journalist and philosopherThe thing is, we’re all creatures of habit; and, if you haven’t been REALLY DETERMINED to change your habits into power habits, then it’s way too easy to fall into the idea of “this isn’t for me”, or “I could never learn this stuff”.As frightening as that quote might be, it’s actually true. People who make money online from blogging are EXTREMELY PERSISTENT – and, they have a STRONG BELIEF in outcome.This is why personal development is really number one in discovering real ways to earn money online.But it’s really not all YOUR fault – there’s also a real failure among the industry in general.Here’s the thing about real ways to earn money online…Learning how to make money from blogging is fairly new in the industry – and well, you know, anything that’s new is bound to start off on the wrong foot.We all heard a couple of years ago that the way to make more money online is to simply “become the expert”.”Become the expert”? Yeah, right, like that’s gonna happen among the 99% of the people out there trying their best to learn how to make money blogging.We all heard about attraction marketing and when you become the expert, people from all over the globe will want to follow you and buy stuff from you.And, of course, that’s true. But think about it. When you are looking into real ways to earn money online, how willing are YOU to spend four years investing in your products while you’re learning to “become the expert”?Hence, this has created a generation of internet liars. Everyone out there is PRETENDING that THEY are the expert!But wait! There’s more…To add insult to injury, most of us were taught to follow up with our email list and just BLAST THE CRAP out of them with the SAME “compelling” sales video – over and over and over and over – until, well… EVENTUALLY they either unsubscribe or BUY!And, while that may have worked a couple of years ago, buy now people are just numb to that same old crap they’re seeing on the internet.Aren’t YOU just sick and tired of all those pop-over sales gimmick pages?So the result is that your open rates on your email blasts go down to about 1-2%.This means that, if you have 1000 people on your list, then you might get 20 people opening, and out of those 20, you’ll get maybe one person to click on your offer.And what do you think the chances are that one guy will BUY from YOU? Exactly!So, having said all that, the internet marketing industry is now making a real come-back with REAL ways to earn money online…Today’s message is to be yourself, and allow people be become attracted to you NATURALLY, while you leverage the success of other until you build your own.

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